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Commissions open ( finally )

Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 year ago



Once again, opening commissions. I don’t open them really often just because I don’t feel like I really need money right now, but, I’m happy to share my stuff with you guys, so here we go:
Let’s open 7 slots. If I find some ideas arousing, I could add some more, no worries:
-Gizzmo (1 full drawing )
-Anonymous (1 full drawing )
-kishara-orahto ( 2 full drawings )
-CaptainHElusive ( 2 flat drawings )
-turborex300 ( 3 flat drawings )
-tailithia ( 12 flat drawings )
-voidrunner ( 4 full drawings )
-Calvos ( 6 flat drawings )
(These prices counts for 1 character that’s visible. Each extra character cost 50% more, unless it’s barely visible)

A full shaded, colored drawing it’s going to be 20€. ( Sadly Paypal always take a bit of it. )
A flat colors drawing it’s going to be 15€
Sketches are available, for 10, I uploaded a bunch of them on digital, but I got better over the time.

All those prices included a basic background, that I usually apply to all my drawings. If you’re searching for
Something more detailed, you have to expect I’ll probably ask more.
( Over the time, I got used to apply a discount if one of my characters are involved as I enjoy doing these, but this will not always be the case and it is up to my discretion if I wish to offer any sort of discount.)

There are some stuff I won’t draw, those aren’t just my stuff. Since I’m sure I’m missing something, you can ask me in case you’re confused or such:
Here’s some things I won’t draw. I don’t mind if you like those, they just aren’t in my interests, okay? I can try to adapt and work for what you’d like, but I have to ask you to not involve this type of stuff:

Hard vore
Male preds

For the payment, I use Paypal. It must be done upfront, and just once that I received it, I’m going to add you to my list and start working. If you do want to see the sketch before me coloring it, please do ask it during the payment phase, since waiting for each other online might be difficult. Changes are possible, just
Don’t make me change the whole stuff after I’m done with it, thanks. You can post your commissions wherever you’d like to, but I’ll keep the same right. Also, be sure to credit me, thanks. Also, I want to make this clear, I have the full right to tell if I like the idea or not, and, in case, to refuse it. I’m not going to draw something just because I’m getting paid, sorry.
I’m usually available on Discord, except when I’m at school. If you need to talk or ask me stuff, just write to me in a PM and I’ll send you my tag. I don’t mind chatting, feel free to ask whatever you’d like.
I honestly never tought I could get so many people interested in my stuff, but, it’s good I guess. Forgive me If I forgot something, my memory is a total mess. Have a nice day, and see you soon, hopefully.
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Posted by LimelleBoi 1 year ago Report

Wait... Why no unbirth, its just a question, I thought I see some those stuff from you, and commissioning.

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Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 year ago Report

"WindowsVistaFan7" wrote:
Wait... Why no unbirth, its just a question, I thought I see some those stuff from you, and commissioning.

It's just that it's not my favourite thing, I can do like, absorption trough the body with characters with Sam, eventually, but, that's it ^^'

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