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Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 1 year ago


So i'm gonna get right down to it for whomever is still here for some reason; I did plan on posting again eventually. I just needed time to...adjust. Get in the mind set that i'm drawing porn 1st, focusing on improvements 2nd, instead of the other way around. In my time away from posting, I've learned to not focus on the criticism I craved so much in the past and just do what I do. Whether this is good or bad news, i'll let you decide on your own, because frankly, I don't really care myself. Drawing is now just a necessary distraction for me. Nothing more.

But for real, the very main reason i'm actually considering posting here again is for my patrons on patreon. I only intended my patreon to be used as a way for people to get monthly sketches at a crazy low price. When I went to make a free tier for people who just want to view my new work, patreon wouldn't allow it and requires a minimum of $1 per month. I didn't really like that, though i'm not bashing what people call "paywalls" or anything (as should no one else). I don't like that my work is pretty much only in one spot, and that you have to pay because of my own issues with my work and progress. It might have taken me a while to understand this, but it's not really fair to people who really like my work for some reason, and are forced to pay to see what I do, just because I don't like my work enough to care to post it elsewhere. When I begin posting here again, I will be removing that tier on my patreon, making it truly only for those who want sketches, so kindly stay away if this isn't your intent.

Assuming I come around soon, it's best no one expect me to reupload stuff that has been uploaded before, that's my past and i'm not looking back. Instead, i'll have a link to the archive holding that stuff put somewhere, likely on my front page.

Now, the bullshit part of this update: There is no promise I won't remove this new stuff at some point, so save what you like ahead of time! I know, it's dumb, but i'm human, just like everyone else, my mind also alternates sometimes, and I might start to feel upset with my lack of improvements again. I may just be weak willed, who knows. It's a very real possibility. I may be content now, but I never know what tomorrow holds in store.
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Posted by NightWanderer 1 year ago Report

I see.
Well, it's great to hear that you might come back. I've missed your art a lot, expecially because of the way you drew bellies :)

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Posted by nopeislove 1 year ago Report

You've made good progress. A passion should be a passion first and not an obligation, you've learnt that now. It will be real good for you

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Posted by nono34442 1 year ago Report

Yay. Now I don't have to search other peoples commissions for your stuff

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Posted by NotMax 1 year ago Report

I guess I'll consider this a reward for my patience?

Nah, I kid. There's nothing wrong with taking things at your own pace even if it means looking away from the past and into what's coming ahead.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 1 year ago Report

Nice to see you back again.

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