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Commissions Closed [udontsay.jpg]

Posted by Debolte 2 years ago



just updating my blog section to reflect that I am in fact not open for commissions.

It's been closed since whenever I filled my 6th slot back in 2014 but my stupid lazy self never bothered to update my commissions status anywhere to reflect this. Now more than 4 years later I finally budged my butt a bit to adress the issue. Sorry for all the confusion/troubles it may have caused, feel free to smack me in the back of the head if you ever come accross me irl.

Also gotta say, sorry for not responding to most of my PMs during that whole period of time. I ignored them because I was feeling shitty at the time, but as time went by and they remained unanswered (basically waiting for a time I'd be more in shape to tackle them on), some form of guilt and anxiety builds up and soon enough I end up postponing that forever and I sorta can't even glance at them anymore. Now it's been a while and while I'm not exactly feeling perfect right now, I finally felt I'd actually pick up my fat ass and be done with that for once...

Again, apologies for everyone I've literally ignored all that time, it's shameful for me as I believe myself as an otherwise very outgoing person. But yeah, what's happened happened. On to a great 2019 of hopefully more than a handful of gallery posts from me D:

Also thanks to everyone that sent me kind words over all that time regardless of the cold silence I subjected them to.
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Posted by SpaceHump 2 years ago Report

Everyone hoes though hard times, so don't beat yourself up over what has happened.
Time goes on and I'm sure no one could be mad at you for what you might have gone through. The important thing is that you feel well after all.

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Posted by Fumika 2 years ago Report

I haven't seen much from you in a while. But I did consider hiring you since your commissions were open.

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Posted by warcrusher 2 years ago Report

Glad to see you back dude.

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Posted by StretchySophie 2 years ago Report

Hope you’re doing alright!

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Posted by Assimilation 2 years ago Report

A bit of a late blog comment, but I just want you to know that the "shame spiral" affects tons of us fellow folk, and while none of us know the exact extent to your life situation, lots of us have gone through something quite similar to what you've likely been going through. I hope you feel free to use this blog in the future to communicate or vent or just reach out to humans without wanting to make a big discussion of things.

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