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I'm back, sorry about the long silence.

Posted by Lampton 5 years ago


Long story short, I was a bit worn out for a while and didn't feel like uploading. Unlikely to be opening commissions to the public for a long while, gonna take a break to draw my own ideas again!
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Posted by Umbreos 5 years ago Report

Regardless of commissions or not, good to hear from you again.

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Posted by MillyBonnet 5 years ago Report

Nice to see you're back. I was a little worried

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Posted by apitop 5 years ago Report

Dont strain yourself, you should have fun with your art, i'd say most people like your ideas aswell.

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Posted by Lutt 5 years ago Report

Glad to have you back, Lampton! It doesn't matter if it's commissions or ideas from you, it always turns out great.

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Posted by darksign13 5 years ago Report

Sounds good to me. Better to enjoy what you do, and let your work come to life from that. It makes for better quality in the long run anyway--I think at least. Good to have you back!

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Posted by DRayElliott 5 years ago Report

Well, at least your entire gallery didn't just up and vanish Like JessicaRae's did....

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Posted by GingerSnaps 5 years ago Report

im a fan of your style not commissions so cant wait !

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Posted by kaneruNTchan 5 years ago Report

Our lamp boi is back!

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Posted by canime 5 years ago Report

Taking a break is a necessity. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

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Posted by Vorelover23 5 years ago Report

welcome back dude.the mallow eating olivia commission you had was certainly a surprise. there will be two mallows in your gallery. I am sure you have come up with a lot of Ideas since your last post sometime in 2018.

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Posted by Journeyman 5 years ago Report

welcome back!

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Posted by JMTFS 5 years ago Report

Your own ideas sound even better.

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Posted by Luffredd 5 years ago Report

Welcome back. Take your time and upload in our own pace. We will always love whatever you deside to show us <3

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Posted by StickyGlobule 5 years ago Report

Please go back away. Love you.

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Posted by StarlightPumpkin 5 years ago Report

Always a treat to see your drawings show up in my messages. Glad to see you back in action.

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Posted by doomfister 5 years ago Report

glad to see you back, look forward to seeing what you cook up :)

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Posted by BardicLasher 5 years ago Report

We missed you!

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Posted by Moonlightshadow 4 years ago Report

Welcome back o/
And your own ideas are always welcome o/

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