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Year 2 round up!

Posted by hungrydumpty 3 years ago


Hey there everyone, and welcome to rather late recap of my progress this year. This one is gonna be a doosy due to the 7 month gap I had plus Eka’s “removing” a lot of my stories due to some guideline changes. However, I thank everyone new and old that has supported me when I came back and during my long gap.
For those of you that hadn’t seen this before. This is a way I keep track of my progress thought the year. By compering my stats and pointing out some highlight stories and talk about my plans for the future.
(Note these stats were recorded on the day I post a story so they won’t line up exactly though it’ll be close enough)

Total Items– 84
This year – 14

(Due to the removals this data will be taken form the DA account)
AgK Mini-series – 5
Fire Emblem VT – 25
Requests – 20
Commissions - 3
LoL Vore – 6
RP - 10
Non-Vore – 3
Gifts/commissions – 5
Other – 7

All time stats
Total Views – 580,014
Total Page views – 14,102
Total Watchers – 129
Most comments – 32 FEVT - Full Roster (Image)

Most Favourites – 286 Hexing the Hexer -

Most Views – 25411 Modal Revenge -

This Year’s growth
Page View growth – 6729
Watcher growth – 62

Overall there was much less growth, however, this was mostly due to A. Year 1 was recycling a lot of content meaning there was many free views. Plus, the fact that there was the significant gap. However, I’m still happy how much progression was made.
So, this year’s content was filled with a lot of RP logs and converted stories as that’s where most of my vore writing went. So, I feel I should have that as its own category. Then there will be one for the non-RP ones. But before those I’ll give another shout out to  drpolice as his drawing for me was absolutely stunning and I know you lot loved it too considering how many favourites it got.
Favourite RP story – Now when I say I have a favourite RP I’ve got to say that I’ve loved RPing with everyone I had done previously, and I have to thank you for spending the time to create a story with me. With that out the way, my favourite would have to be.
Jinx Jinxes herself -
Call me biased towards that champ but RPing with two Jinxes was twice the fun. Whilst it was a while since I wrote that RP I will remember how much into character me and  Openlive00 were. Unfortunately, I can’t think of much else I wanna say…sooo…Futa Jinx best Jinx~

Favourite non-RP Story – Now there really isn’t much choice but although I really did enjoy my most recent one for putting me in my proper stride, I’m going with…
Froggy Feast -
So, this one was unusual as it broke two of my more normal things. First it was the first story to feature a completely feral pred as I normally use humans or monster girls. The second is using characters from multiple series in one story since previously I kept to the same universe’s canon. So it was cool to have multiple series on a silver platter. Especially since I was able to show a lot more humiliation and I could be a little more…unrealistic with the potential of the prey which I had grown very fond of this year~

Favourite follower
Now usually there would be some skit or smoothing for me to avoid this. But you know what here, if you want to be my favourite, believe it! You deserve it buddy! Try not to mess up this year and disappoint me!


…I guess I should…umm start…

Sigh…Look this year was really one step forwards two steps back. Although decent progress was made compered to what I did, I still didn’t achieve a lot of my goals I had last year. As well as probably my trust for commissions for you lot needs to be regained. And with how my future’s looking with being so unclear I’m really unsure…If I do stabilise myself then I might find time to continue this if not then, there might just be another huge break and I would hate to do that again.

However, I really shouldn’t end this as a downer so let’s fire off some stories you’ll hopefully see in the future. How does that sound? Good? Alright!
1. The unfortunate villain appears!
2. A three-ending story featuring more Fire Emblem
3. A story that’s based on Cardfight Vanguard

That’s what I can promise I’ll be getting out, though I do have more stories in reserve I can’t promise they’ll be done, though they might. And I can’t exactly predict if people will commission/trade with me.

And that about wraps this all up. If you have any questions, ask away. Alrighty, see you when I see you!
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