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New Server is Up! Good Time to Return?

Posted by Rendezvore 2 years ago


After this long, I'm sorry to say all I have are a few doodles. I've been told this is understandable after losing close family members back to back. I wouldn't know because I still haven't had much of a grieving period.

Relatives interrupted a private session with horrible words. "Get over it! People die every day!" Which was bad enough, then later I was criticized publicly at mom's funeral for leaving hospice. But they refused to understand it was a mutual decision between mom and me. Mom didn't want her kids to see her like this and was trying to protect us by hanging on while we were still around. She stopped suffering a little after we had left.

But my feelings were still jumbled so we tried grief therapy and... that didn't go well. Lady spent two sessions trying to decide what I needed therapy for, but wouldn't let me tell her. She eventually told me I needed grief therapy. Geeze, are you for real? And at one point she even yelled "You need to stop thinking like that!!" Woah there, I am looking for advice and solutions here, not more grief? 8O We didn't go back.

Then my husband Kaldar slipped on ice out on the driveway and broke his dominant arm on his birthday, soooo we had to put finding a new therapist on hold and I'm doing my best to stay sane and take care of him and not feel left aside. He did not need surgery and is healing well, so that's really good.

With this being said, I DON'T want everyone to go running off at the mouth with stuff like "Take all the time you need" and all that useless rot. Makes me feels more guilty that this gallery has been stagnant. What I need is someone to slap me in a good-natured way. I want to continue drawing for this gallery, but I don't know where to start after leaving it like this.
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Posted by Badfurson 2 years ago Report

If you're looking to ease back into things, you could start by posting practice sketches and the like-instead of going full tilt and committing to larger works. Maybe once or twice a week, and speed up from there?

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Posted by Rendezvore 2 years ago Report

Thanks for helping and funny thing about that. Larger "finished" work has never been important to me. My passion has always been sketches and concepts and getting ideas from dreams and roleplay down. I'll get the doodles up and see how I feel about doing a bigger piece. :)

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