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Commissions will open April 26th

Posted by Metalforever 1 year ago


On April 26th thru the 28th I will be taking 10 colored commissions, 1 per person . I will post a journal on the 26th to begin accepting ideas.

And after evaluating the level of quality and time invested with my colored sketches, they don't qualify as sketches. So I have decided to focus on regular colored commissions. Colored sketches will make a return in the future (along with comics) but I need to work on keeping them sketches.

All I ask is to please not send you idea until I open up on the 26th, any notes sent prematurely will not be read.


*Please send me your idea(s) in a PM and include the character(s) you want, poses you prefer, belly type and size (if any), background details (if any) and reference pictures for them. Of course if you have no preference for some of those, state that.

*If you're resubmitting an idea, give just a quick rundown or copy and paste the same note as before. I should have most saved from last time just in case.

*Accepted commissions will be not on first come first serve basis, but rather how much I like the idea/character/ect

*Commissions will be Paypal only, via invoice.

*After accepting, you will have 2 weeks to send your payment, otherwise you will be dropped. The order in which I work on the commissions is based on order of payment received.

*After a commission has been accepted, payment sent and I begin working on it I will send periodic updates with previews asking for feedback. Though please note, no major changes can be made after we agree upon an idea and payment is sent.

*If you don't read or follow the rules, I can't help you and won't be able to take your commission.

Prices ______________________________________________________________________________________

The Base price featured here is for character colored commission, soft shading with a basic color background.

Base Price - 50$


Additional character (maximum +1 ) are on average 25-50$ each.

Characters with extra or elaborate details will cost more (price is negotiable based on level of detail) Average range is ~5-25$ .

Same goes for backgrounds, they're negotiable based on their level of detail with a range of Average range is ~10-50$ .

Colored Commission Examples:

Examples with additional character:

Example of Extra Character Details: ]

Examples of Detailed Background:

I will draw:

*Weight gain/BBWs/Immobiles/ Blobs
*Belly and/or Body Expansion/inflation
*Normal art
*Fan art
*Pretty much anything you would expect of me.

What I may draw (Debatable):

I will not draw:

*Garbage eating
*Real people (IE. Actors or yourself/your significant other)

*I hold the right to refuse a commission for any or no reason.

*All commissions are non-refundable with very few exceptions.

If you have any questions ask below in the comments or with your commission note.

Thank you.
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Posted by WobblyWolfess 1 year ago Report

I do hope to commission you this time around!

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