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So... I got a job!

Posted by Raiza 2 years ago


It's nothing much, but I'll make some income for myself, finally. Maybe move out and all that jazz. Anyway, as it affects this site...

I will still finish the three commissions I've taken on. After that though, I will take a hiatus from doing Commission work, until I get use to working graveyard shift hours. Even then, I doubt I will have more than one slot open at a time. Unless I lose it... then I'll be begging at the writer alley commission forum lol

That being said, I'll still write smut overall. I have a two part story more or less written, I just have to finish proofreading after my commission stuffs is done. It was meant to be one story... but I over did it and both halves are different enough. One is story leading up to vore, then the second half is post-vore and sex. I will likely post them in the same week, if not same day or so.

I have a patron exclusive story in mind too, no date on when that will be. My guess is late-spring or early Summer. Speaking of which, if you wish to support me on Pateron, just click on the link below! The first and so far only exclusive story is available for just the 1$ pledge. In addition, I knocked the highest tier from 10$ to 8$. I'm also looking for suggestions to make that top level be more than what I have.

Anyway, thank you for your time, and let us rejoice in the uncensored writing smut! -Eats ALL the babies... jk-
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