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Commissions Update

Posted by Metalforever 1 year ago


Alright I have heard back from everyone and 9 out of 10 have paid, so the list is all up to date and I have already begun on the first two commissions. I have one personal piece of artwork I have been working on for a month on and off, which should be done by tonight or tomorrow. After which I will focus on commissions exclusively.

The list

#1 kyubits - Completed
#2 anonymous -Completed
#3 foducool -Completed
#4 hamilton4 -Completed
#5 h-saibot -Completed
#6 Noisekeeper -Completed
#7 EnderCreeperMugen -Completed
#8 Aldawolfe -Inking
#9 Aaron1248 -Completed
#10 AlternativeMethods -Sketching

The order I will work on commissions will be based on the time the payment is received. Everyone will have two weeks to pay starting from when we agree on a price. Should a person default or realize they cannot get a commission after being selected I will contact the runner ups in that time.

Thanks for reading and have a good evening.
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Posted by WobblyWolfess 1 year ago Report

Good luck to everyone!

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