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Posted by bG 9 months ago


What are you craving lately? What would you like to see from me~??
I have some ideas but would love to hear from you! <3
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Posted by Jobix 9 months ago Report

More cuties getting sludged into paste and colorful jizz!

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Posted by madsci 9 months ago Report

Jock vs Nerds >:3

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Posted by Belloc 9 months ago Report

Glad to see the stuff you're sharing.

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Posted by FaerieDevil 9 months ago Report

If I may be so bold to suggest some intense erotic asphyxiation... >_>

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Posted by Fischie 9 months ago Report

Under water feeding frenzy with your preds? The way they seem to digest things they would leave behind a nice sticky cloud.

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Posted by VertGreenHeart 9 months ago Report

Luminous arc 2 no one has ever touched that game.

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Posted by deathravager 9 months ago Report

Cute, scared male prey getting nommed and digested <3 ?

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Posted by Eurykins 9 months ago Report

Honestly anything with your blue boy predding is precious ; U;

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Posted by hungrydawg 9 months ago Report

Centaur preds?

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