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Setting the Record Straight

Posted by Zagine 1 year ago


So this morning I was alerted by several followers (whom I thank very much) about an art thief, who had been posting my content and content belonging to friends of mine. They gave no credit, claiming that they had created it themselves. I told them to take it all down, and they made a big deal that none of the art I post is mine, so they're fine to do so.

Here is the deal; everything I post here is a commission, meaning it was an idea that I had and payed an artist (either through their profiles or Patreon) to have drawn. Now while it *is* still that person's art, what people need to understand about commissions are (and i'm sure most artists will agree) if you pay for a piece of art, then that art is YOUR property. Your commission is as much yours as it is the artist you commissioned to draw it, and you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it, within reason.

You should still credit that artist, which I always do, and never claim that you were the one to draw it. Word of mouth is the primary source of new business, which artists need to keep going.

Also, never repost someone's art, even if it was deleted, unless you either A) commissioned it. or B) have expressed permission from the original artist.

Thank you for your time.
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Posted by mabeelz 1 year ago Report

I understand why you are angry about but why do you sent me this message ?

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Posted by Zagine 1 year ago Report

"mabeelz" wrote:
I understand why you are angry about but why do you sent me this message ?

It's a blog post, it goes out to everyone watching me.

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Posted by UnknownGuy404 1 year ago Report

I understand you, it's not that I'm an artist of your caliber, but it's still happened to me "ówò

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Posted by aClockworkSloth 1 year ago Report

That's not how the art world works though. Commissioned art still is the property of the artist. Though the characters might not be. If the art was the property of the commissioner that would mean they could do stuff like resell it for profit or make it a pay to view thing or some other sketchy thing that many artists would not like. It would also mean that artists need permission to post the art on their own accounts. It's actually the opposite. A commissioner should always get permission from the artist to repost work, even if they commissioned it. Some artists actually do not like it when commissioners do that. It's how photos' copyrights belong to the photographer even if they are hired to take pictures of whatever. An artist has to sell the copyright to someone in order for it to be someone else's property. Commissioners should never automatically assume they get the copyrights of an artwork they commission. They typically don't. This is why many artists put who the characters belong to in their commissioned work as well as put art (c) me or "art belongs to me", etc, etc... the commissioner is also put there as commissioned by x. so a commissioner is just that. someone who commissions a piece of work. not necessarily owns it. that has to be negotiated before hand and not assumed. i mean reposting someone else's art without credit and without permission is obviously worse than a commissioner reposting an artwork on their accounts, but I'm just letting you know about the actual logistics of art things. Like any other provider of services artists have ToS (terms of service) too.

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