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Story previews

Posted by BunnyWrites 9 months ago


With my newer stories, I'm trying to spread them out over a little more time so I can reread them and touch them up. Correcting errors, improving the flow, finding new depraved ways to treat prey etc. So they'll be in the drafting stage for at least a few days.

An idea I'm toying around with is making those drafts public, perhaps with a google docs link so fans can check the latest draft and contact me with feedback/suggestions. Would anyone be interested in something like that?
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Posted by shortprey20 9 months ago Report

That sounds awesome! That would be a unique way of doing the draft work, and probably easier for editing as well.

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Posted by surtech5 9 months ago Report

Sounds like a great idea!

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Posted by ShinjiIkari 9 months ago Report

I'd like that too!

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