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upcoming collab projects

Posted by Ursa 10 months ago


aside from my personal stuff and commissions, i'm working on some comics with my friends. these comics will be available for download for some small price, because we put a hell lot of work in it and i don't want to just upload them in my gallery like i usually do. also my friend, who does colors for one of the comics in question, needs money to buy tools to draw and collaborate with me more in the future, so the selling of this comic is a chance to do more of these comics if it will sell.

the comic i'm currently working on is humanoid/human vore comic, M/ambiguous gender character, size difference, 6 pages, a hell lot of detailed internals, squishing, digestion and clean oral bone disposal. it's quite like my usual m/f comics, so it's clean, non-sexual oral vore and has a bit of a horror story element in it. flat colors, atmospheric shading, with very detailed backgrounds and a lot of action.

i also plan another collaborative comic with another author that will feature f/? content, but i'm not sure about when and what it will be. it will also be available for sale.

please tell me what you think, are you interested to buy either m/? or f/? comic from me, and what price seems affordable for you to buy such comics.
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Posted by zanten 10 months ago Report

I'm interested in buying it. :3 Whenever, wherever! Please, notify me when it's done! :D <3

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