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Posted by vorecat87 1 year ago


I just want to thank everyone once again for liking my stories. I’ve been trying a little bit of things and trying to get more diverse in my ideas. However I really been focused on my now dubbed “Mendez Medicine” series of stories. My latest entry already posted earlier today. Unbirth is one of my top favorite genres and I’m glad the series has been a hit. I have a few more chapters planned for the overall story. A few like my last being wider in scale. I also apologize if my stories don’t hit as back to back like they have been over the past week. I’m going to take more time with them, making sure they have less spelling errors and more continuity. I look forward to seeing more comments and suggestions, your feedback and suggestions fuel my passion!
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Posted by Groblek 1 year ago Report

I think you’re right to take more time with them, you’ve got some interesting ideas but the stories are coming out looking like pretty rough drafts. I’d recommend setting each chapter/story aside for a couple of days after you finish it, then coming back and rereading/editing it after you’ve had a chance to get a little distance from the story. It’s a trick I use to help polish my own works, and while it means a bit of delayed gratification, the stories always come out a lot better for taking the time to set them aside and come back with fresh eyes.

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