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Current Priorities (Looking for help)

Posted by FireEmblemDude776 2 years ago


As of right now, everything to do with my interactive persona is ready to go, I’ve got to do a few bits and bobs here and there. The main problem here is 1. motivation and 2. Skill.

1.When it comes down to it, I’m simply not motivated to work on this project, it was always going to be for fun (And always will be) I only really add stuff when I’m motivated.

2. I know I said skill, but both skill and confidence. I’m not a very confident person, I will admit, and I’m not exactly a born writer. That’s why I’m asking for anybody who is willing to help me, dm me. I would very much like some help with just story ideas and where to take the story in the future. As well as giving me tips on improving already written ones. As much as I would love to pay for all that, it would be volunteer work, so I understand anybody saying no.

Set up should be ready by next Sunday.
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