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I am returning! However...

Posted by BerserkerB 1 year ago


Hey there Eka's Portal people! After a long, long... long time away, I am happily going to rebuild my gallery!

This, however, comes with a condition. I no longer feel comfortable with underage material, especially if it contains sexual situations with minors. So I have gone through my gallery and deleted anything underage that had survived the purge that I noticed Ekas had to do in my absence. I am sorry if you enjoyed those stories, but I don't want to be associated with them anymore.

Because Furaffinity is my main positing site, any and all material that I produce will have to comply with their standards. I am sorry for those of you who liked my more risque stories, but I will not be producing anything like that anymore.

The transition back to Eka's is going to take some time. I'm going to have to go through everything and reformat and edit most of it since I designed my stories to fit around FA's coding. Still, it'll be nice to be back once everything is settled. So bare with me for now, and I look forward to maybe even making some new fans, too.

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Posted by Malus 1 year ago Report

Nice to see you back on here.

I admit, I did not read too many of your underage stories, I think aside from some of the ones in your personal school - where I am honestly not quite sure if the boys were underage or already eighteen and older.

I can perfectly understand the stance though. I tend to do underage only on request from good friends myself and otherwise prefer to keep such things to ambiguous stories which could be either side of eighteen, depending on what people prefer to imagine.

I definitely hope you might use Trystan and Will again some time, I really like tigers and dark skinned humans.^^

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Posted by studmonkey 1 year ago Report

Happy to see you posting over here man <3 perfectly understandable to go back on those interests. We grow and learn as people, and that helps us learn whats right and whats not. Hope you have success here too!

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Posted by emikochan 11 months ago Report

Omg just noticed your watch! Yay welcome back and glad you are here too <3

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