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The story of a YouTuber and Game Designer with Fibromyalgia

Posted by zarachrest1 9 months ago


So it is no secret that I have let people down numerous times by promising updates to games and then dropping them with no explanation. Well it's time for everyone to finally know the reason why.

So since the age of 12 I have had extreme pains throughout my entire body and no matter how many appointments I had with my doctor the cause of this pain was always put down to being growing pains. These pains never seemed to give me a break so I was always confined to my room where I wouldn't have to move around much and I could just play video games and make videos in peace. Flash forward a few years to when I was 18 and I started experiencing more than just pain, I was constantly feeling sick and like I was going to pass out at any moment to the point where I would start shaking and not be able to stop. One afternoon it got so bad that my adopted parents had to call an ambulance and I was taken into hospital where I ended up having to stay for 2 weeks due to the fact that no matter what they did the pain wouldn't stop. The doctors were still unable to diagnose what was wrong with me and just prescribed me with the strongest painkillers they could. Now flash forward to last year I was living in a hostel and trying to make games for the people here while also trying to get a job so I could get a house for me and my adopted brother. We met a girl who quickly became my brother's partner and we learned that her mother was faking having a condition called Fibromyalgia in order to control her and keep her from leaving the house. During this time I started experiencing the pain extremely badly again and decided to go to the doctor, this was when I received the horrible news that I have Fibromyalgia. Now Fibromyalgia has no cure and all you can really do to keep yourself alive is to keep taking strong painkillers and try not to let your blood sugars get too low, if you manage to fail at 1 of these then it's a trip to hospital to get yourself fixed.

This condition is why I have an extremely unreliable schedule for releasing games and updates that I have promised and it does upset me greatly because I am really trying to keep my promises to the community.

So there you go, there's my story, I hope it helps you to understand what I am going through.
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Posted by masterrrrr 9 months ago Report

I feel like you should just go at your own pace. IRL problems that involve your health are something that should take priority over making updates to games. You shouldn't worry about any promises made. Its the internet. Things pass and go all the time. Can't really say things like "oh, hope you feel better" as other people may say. However, I wish you luck in whatever you do.

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Posted by Wabajack 8 months ago Report

You know, if you're not bullshitting about this, it might be a better idea to just put everything on hold untill you've fully sorted your life out. You've been making promises which you do not keep. Whether you are unable to or don't want to isn't relevant. You've given multiple different reasons for delay on games, this being a new one. Maybe you are going through this, maybe you are not. The fact is that up to this point you've been making promises, never kept a single one of them and then getting angry at people for pointing that out.
My point is: If your life circumstances are so difficult, DO NOT MAKE PROMISES YOU DON'T KNOW YOU CAN KEEP.
Especially if you DO have Fibromyalgia, you do not want to stress yourself out as that is known to increase the gravity of the symptoms. Trying to keep deadlines, cannot be healthy.

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