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Patreon/Commissioning Me

Posted by saintheartwing 9 months ago


A reminder, my commissions are open at the moment, I do written works, and I'm fairly open to just anything, just toss your ideas at me! For every story that's 1-4000 words, $25. For anything higher than that, $50.

If you'd like a story that costs a bit less less, consider becoming a member of my Patreon! It's https://www.patreon.com/SaintHeartwing

$10 per month will get you a story up to 2000 words. For $20 a month you get a story up to 3000 words! $25 or more per month will get you any story beyond 3000, but if you want a "rule breaker" story, doing something I normally wouldn't write, that's $40 a month. Have a nice Vore Day!
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Posted by simalst 9 months ago Report

Will maybe think about becoming a patron. Please remind me later via Discord.

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