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Something Odd

Posted by VividLucidity 2 years ago


While I'm a week or so late on this, better late than never to mention this. Something odd has happened, readers, something very odd indeed on my profile.

Tracer's Size Power Story has become my most popular story, in terms of views at least. Why is this odd? Because it has zero vore in it. None at all. I'm on Eka's Portal, a vore site, and my most popular piece is a non vore one? That's very odd indeed!

What's even odder is that it beat out Let Loose The Dog Girls of War to get to that top spot. With same size oral vore, big bellies, sex, F/F and unwilling prey, that's one of the standard forms of vore ever!

How truly bizarre. And now you are all aware of it.

How odd.

Only thing odder is that I made this silly, rambly blog post in the first place~
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Posted by Slimshod 2 years ago Report

That is rather odd and surprising. I wonder what the appeal is.

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Posted by AnAccount 1 year ago Report

Well it's an interesting observation so it's great that made this "rambly post"

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