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The Fractured Realm - Submission Contest

Posted by darkflame8 8 months ago


For the last few months I've been trying to flesh out and mold my Fractured Realm universe. However I'm just one person and creating an entire universe is a little tricky. So I'm opening it up to others in the form of a special contest.

This is a submission contest, it will run from now until the end of September. The contest is fairly straightforward, I want submissions for the Fractured Realm. What kind of submissions you might ask, well any of the following:

Submissions that won't be accepted include:

An examples could include things like:
A queen who rules some of the lands occupied by Freecia, the queen was cursed by a powerful wizard and can now swallow other people whole. However she knows not to do it too often as she could end up being swallowed by Freecia.
Hair - Red
Eyes - Green
Dress - Purple


A Hazardous Waste Facility that entered the The Fractured Realm during The Collapse only for multiple tanks filled with toxic waste to rupture and kill the workforce leaving the site abandoned and decrepit. However the building contains valuable technology and is frequently raided by scavengers looking for anything valuable, despite the obvious risk of dripping pools of hazardous waste.

The top 15 accepted submissions will be counted as winning submissions and created as a series of 3d renders by myself and the user that submitted it will receive full credits whenever their submission appears in a render or story or animation I produce. The winners will also recieve a 3 page comic request.

Now the rules:
1. Absolutely no under age characters
2. Characters must not be established in another known universe, for example characters from Felarya
3. The submission must work with the rest of the established universe, for example a human that is 20,000ft tall does not fit inside the world but a 200ft tall Elf does. The Dragons/Gods are off limts, as these are an integral part of the universe.
4. Submissions can be made as either an outline, rough sketch, simple or detailed drawing and must be sent to me via PM.
5. All PM's with attached submissions must be titled as 'Fractured Realm - Submission' or it will be immediately rejected
6. Only 2 (two) submissions per user
6. Submissions should be inventive but not ridiculous.

The contest will be spread across both Eka's and DA.

All submissions will be judged by myself, users who enter a submission that is rejected will be informed as to why it was rejected. Hence the two submissions per user.
Remember submitting something that is accepted does not mean it will automatically win.

Users with a winning submission will recieved a high quality version of the render before it's posted in my gallery.
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Posted by GingerSnaps 8 months ago Report

When are entries due ?

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Posted by darkflame8 8 months ago Report

"GingerSnaps" wrote:
When are entries due ?

By the 30th of September.

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