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Commissions closed + Update

Posted by Wolfy 2 years ago


Whoops forgot to close my the themed commissions a couple weeks late.

Hard to do anything when you catch bronchitis for the second time this year that can evolve into pneumonia in a flash. WHOOPS! Caught it early because I noticed the same symptoms. But I'm better now, chugging pills and wasting my days off just doing bed rest. Crying a little inside because I could be doing a lot of other things other then being in bed x amount of days in a row, but what can you do.

I'm going to finish up what I owe in commissions, then do those fancy October themed stuff (couple days late, I still got time, its fine, its cool, its alright!)

Had some other projects but too much on my plate. Double whoops!
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Posted by Bright 2 years ago Report

Hope you have a quick recovery.

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Posted by Mech__Warrior 2 years ago Report

I had pneumonia, and it took my great grandpa after a week and a half. After having it, I'm amazed he made it that long with being 99.

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