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And now I'm actually back

Posted by willudie 7 months ago


It feels good to draw again. It's strange cause, I feel rusty but I also feel like I've gotten better. Hopefully the latter is what shows ^^;

By taking comics off my commission list, I'm hoping this will give me the energy to do more of my own honestly. Even if it's just little things like the Milk Day thing I posted this morning, it's little character and prompt ideas like that I've had in my head but just, never had the energy to do. And I'm enjoying it. I was really dreading art as a whole for a LONG time there due to some personal mismanagement, but I have my drive back.

I'm also taking commissions again, which you can see the rough details of either https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... d=willudie or https://aryion.com/g4/view/556324. Just a few slots for now, but as normal commissions and not comics, they shouldn't take much time to work thru.

But, all in all, I wanted to say thanks for a warm welcome back. This community has always been really welcoming and understanding for me, and that's meant a lot over the years. I really do appreciate it.
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Posted by DragonOFire 7 months ago Report

Avoiding burnout and managing ones drive to draw is important. Happy to hear you got yours back!

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Posted by Bright 7 months ago Report

Sometimes taking a break will help digest what you have experienced.

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Posted by TakanTwins 7 months ago Report

Really glad to see you back, and can only apologise for our contribution to that burn out. Really glad to hear you have yourself a bit more settled and hopefully with this new focus everything will work better for you going forward!

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