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The Strawberry Corner: A Discord server for Size/Vore/Feet~Paws.

Posted by CutenessOverlord 9 months ago


Hello, my friends.
Here's a small journal to announce the (re)opening of a discord server: The Strawberry Corner.

This discord server is a small community where Sizestuff, Vore, Paw & Feet, and just about everything.
The server comes with well-organized general/gaming/memes discussion channels, Roleplay channels, Voice chats, and of course, galleries to share the things you liked, or the things you made.

Do note, however, that Vore channels aren't organized by types of vore (that'd be too many channels), but rather in a SFW/NSFW fashion, separating oral vore from the more kinky stuff.
So, be sure to be open-minded if you join. (Gore or more Extreme stuff have their own channels, hidden if you don't have the roles. You're safe if you don't like that.)
I might consider making a channel for each of the main types of vore, but that'd be quite cluttered if I do. I'll wait until we get more members and run a survey in order to know what I should do.

Anyways, the goal, in the long run, is not to have as many members as possible, but to have a small, active community where people can enjoy stuff together.

The discord invitation link is: https://discord.gg/4qU3nwx.
I hope I'll be able to count you in our members. ~
Have a nice day full of funs !
Poof !
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