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Fantastic! I lost my computer programs

Posted by RebbecaBell 7 months ago


Great! I was using my computer a few days ago, but what happened? My PC started to don't work well. I brought it to someone to watch what was going on, and they said the computer had a virus from a program (I don't have idea when, how or why. I was making sure that everything was fine) And then they said "Were gonna fix it, but there's a risk. It may lose everything" What does that mean? My computer could get completely restarted, losing everything. They said it's possible, but with some luck, it wouldn't happen...
Guess who has lost everything in the computer... I don't have idea what to do now. Not only for the work I've lost, programs, work, some games...
Ugh, I guess I'll have to start, again...
My apologies for this
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Posted by nnickerson100 7 months ago Report

if your games were on steam they will still be in your steam library you will just need to redownload them. as for your pics and things of that nature you might be able to salvage any wips you sent out via discord or other platform to continue them from when you left off. as long as you remember your acc info for discord, steam or what ever you should be fine and be able to salvage some stuff. due to ye sending wips of the alex vore and cv for example those can be salvaged if ya open em up in a art program to just get back to work on em albiet you may need to recreate the layers and sort of trace whats there into there respective layers but at least you wont be starting 100% from scratch

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