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Art requests,Trades and the like

Posted by talonsaurn 12 years ago


Figured i'd leave a note on the blog here, asking what any viewers might like to see.. and of course, the specter of art trading, been mostly posting to FA lately.. maybe i'll get things back here soon
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Posted by Star_Sage 12 years ago Report

I'm always up for requesting a bit of sandwich burger vore, unaware usually. But for your art, I might have another request. A one of your preds eating at a restaurant, accidentally adds one of the waiters to his meal.

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Posted by Noctivagus 12 years ago Report

Oh, I'm a huge fan of your work, always have been since I first saw it... If you ever get the notion to draw a black wolf in a green coat... in any sort of situation, that would be great. *Looks up at you wolfishly, trying to hide his green coat*

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