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Site question

Posted by largerarge 5 months ago


Why dose eka’s portal log me out, even I had the “stay logged on” is switched on?
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Posted by MidNightOwlArt 5 months ago Report

Same here.

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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 5 months ago Report

Does the same to me I presume glitch

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Posted by Badfurson 5 months ago Report

I think it’s an issue with the site itself either refreshing or not saving credentials-but I’ve noticed it happens more often on mobile, especially when not using home wifi. I think the site may do this when it can’t confirm the security of your connection, and it is trying to mitigate the risk of data being stolen or leaking.

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Posted by smog1 5 months ago Report

same here too.

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Posted by Heimko 5 months ago Report

It only happens to me if i log on somewhere else. Let's say i only use my PC at home to go on this site, than i'm always logged on, but if i log on somewhere else, than it'll log me off at home even with it turned on. Maybe it's some sort of safety thing?

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Posted by CaptainElusive 5 months ago Report

No clue. I think the sie refreshes every now and then, which seems to boot everyone in order to do that. Not 100% on that.

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