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Good News, People of Aryion!

Posted by brandon14 3 months ago


Yep! The title says it all because today is a new change for me. After not making a "vore.doc" for a long time, I decide to work on a new form of the document as a mock journal. You've seen people with journals, diaries, and documentaries, yes? If not, you should research first and then read this. If you did, good! Why that? Well, I am now making a new set of docs called Mock Journals. They come in 3 kinds (request, trade, and fresh) and it shows their experience in the story like a perspective or a view. :-D

If you do not like the new format, just try to get along with it because it's something new I want to try. Sometimes, you got to do the new and you have to risk it to get the outcome. Anyways, I'll be posting more Mock Journals and possibly some trade edits along the way. For now, I'll be busy finding some lewds on Rule34.xxx and on other lewd websites. See ya! :D

P.S. It's been a while since I posted the previous blog (which the event didn't happen).
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