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Fixing Things in Good Time!

Posted by MaxwellFitzgarry 6 months ago


8 November 2019
Reading my previous blog might give context to this one.

I bring good news! I've found a new path home that's safe for me to take (albeit it's a bit longer), and I'm on my way to getting a new charger in a few weeks. Work's still been heavy, but with me currently being a tad sick, I'll probably take according breaks as long as it doesn't interfere too much with my job.

But Max! None of that jabbering really explains why you went on such a long hiatus from posting and talking on social media!

(By the way, I appreciate all you new people who decided to watch me while I was gone, thank you!) I will just say that, admittedly, I did have a period of isolation just to recollect myself after a few more stressful events that had happened as of late which I don't want to go in detail about. I'm slowly picking things back up, I'm going to re-establish my commission system as well to make it easier, and the people who have still got commissions with me will be given 60% discounts for their patience (like, my goodness I am sorry). Anyway, two weeks until it's holidays, and by then I'll decide upon getting a new charger.
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Posted by DancingWithLiars 6 months ago Report

Great to hear all of this!

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