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I'm back

Posted by Gat 6 months ago


After a long hiatus due to life happening in a big way I am back in the vore community.
Going to take a while to get back in the swing of things; need to fill galleries, fid out where and how I can best release vore games, see if any of the etiquette changed so I dont accidentily insult folks, all that kinda stuff usual if you've been away for a long time.
Good to be back, and I wont be vanishing again :)

My intentions are to post screenshots, renders, and movies/gifs taken from my vore games.
Aside from that I will be releasing simple free games/experiences and complex AAA quality vore games that are so hard and expensive to make that I'll need to ask a price for them
When the games are ready I will be releasing them via several channels, the free ones will be released right here on Eka's portal. I think it's against the rules to rlease the paid ones here.
At some point I'm hoping to have time to remake Skyrim devourment, with a VR version.
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