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Posted by largerarge 4 months ago


this is a weird question has anyone ever made a plush that looked like it vored something?

like a pocket/pouch with a zipper or Velcro to stuff other plush or plushes inside?

humanoid mostly.

p.s sorry if i have not repelled to your comments on these blogs, not sure how to respond to them, but i am reading them.
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Posted by mirrormind101 4 months ago Report

I never made one but I had 2 monster ones a while back that had mouths that went deep inside their body but that was so you could put their guts and organs in and rip them out.

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Posted by Wolfknight130 4 months ago Report

I would buy them ^^

Maybe large rarge character plushies with vore powers/pockets/pouches? :3

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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 4 months ago Report

OOH I know this one Look up something called Stuffies, they are stuffed animals with pockets that are accessed by their mouths

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