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Now to finish off Feasts of War Episode 1

Posted by darkflame8 6 months ago


Just finished the last comic for those that participated in my World Building Contest. And I have to say I will never be doinging anything like it again, or any contest for that matter. There is absoluteley no point if next to no one competes. Now before anyone comes up with the argument that they didn't have enough time, the contest was on for a month and all it required was for a character design, not a 12,000 page thesis.
In total only three people bothered to enter, and one entered at the last possible time. So I find myself wondering if it was worth it it the long run, and the answer is clearly, no.

The submissions that were entered I'm grateful for. However the sheer number of people who asked about requests while the contest was on tells me that there is no point to doing this ever again. And no, I will never reopen requests or even commissions again, when I offer a 6 page comic for free and people don't take me up on it, it's pretty clear that people don't want commissions.

Now on to the more pressing news, the first episode of Feasts of War, Entering the Lair is nearing completion, over the next week or two I'll be showing off stills. This will be my largest animation to date.
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