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Patreon Change

Posted by Optica 8 months ago


Completely unrelated to my last blog post, I may have made some "blocks" on former patrons suspected of either fraud, or just negligible to make payment. Well, my intention wasn't to permanently block, but unblock after blocking for a light "kick." That said, if you're an active user that was kicked by mistake, the most I can do is offer my apologies for the kick, and that if you wish, you're still free to re-pledge. I neglected to mention this sooner because a patron in my server was accidentally hit in the wave. That was my good, honest mistake, and I am willing to take full blame for said mistake.

Turning back to the topic of the recent journal entry, however, yes, I will try to remain on Patreon despite the insane setback content creators are now facing. However, the day my funds are held by staff for any reason is the day I wipe everything clean, then slowly migrate on over to SubscribeStar.
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