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Early memory about vore in a cartoon

Posted by BTS 8 months ago


I just recently recalled the memory but I don't think many people will remember this. Back in the early 2000s there was a cartoon which aired on Cartoon Network called "Sheep in the Big City" by Mo Willems.

At the start of each episode they had little sketch play sort of like Saturday Night Live. In this one short they were parodying Star Trek. The Captain (who was a woman) is accompanied by her 2nd in Command (who is an alien) are exploring an alien planet just newly discovered. She speaks into a recording device detailing their trek on this new world. Until they encounter a smaller round alien with multiple eyes. Her underling pulls out a laser gun telling her to be careful and that he shall exterminate the possible threat.
She tells him to lower his weapon saying things like they come peace and to think of the all the things they could possibly learn from this alien. The smaller alien opens its mouth monstrously wide, and with a tongue in the shape of hand grabs her by the head and eats her whole.
The small round alien finishes and you see her struggling and hear her muffled cries.
Her alien comrade walks up to the other alien then gives it a wad of cash thanking it for a job well done, all the while she still struggles within the alien.

Was kind of interesting scenario that I think about it now and was the first instance depicting vore peril I have ever seen.
Wondering if perhaps others might remember it as well. There also not a lot of things about Sheep in The Big City on the web so I have not found the clip about it
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Posted by BTS 6 months ago Report

I don't know, sorry.
The last time I saw the show on TV was in 2003.

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