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Unexpected reception

Posted by trinart 11 months ago


So, I didn't actually expect my stories to get so many views so quickly.
I really didn't expect to get any kind of traction or motion here, just to get a few views and, then die out pretty quickly.
But, well, one of my stories is close to 450 views, I've got two watchers in the first week, got quite a lot of faves, one from someone who I consider to be a big member here, which I mentioned in my kindred story's description, been helped by people on one of the discord servers for this place.
So, I didn't really think about becoming, permanent and active here, but what the heck, I've got two watchers, over a hundred view on each story.
I'm gonna set myself up, for the long haul.
So, thanks everyone who viewed my stuff, all the faves, and you two watchers, and to all the artists who have inspired me to write.
While I can't make a painting, I can make the thousand words it says, and I dang well WILL!
I'm here now, and I am not leaving any time soon.
Expect a lot of stories from me, because I ain't gonna be stopping any time soon.
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