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Seeking New Friends

Posted by iasiney 2 years ago


I would like to thank each and every one of you that has been my friend. I do hope you are well and things are going well for you. Another friend of mine says that it is good to be honest with others. So, I will exercise that bit of honesty. Please remember that I really really appreciate all of my family and friends. I do crave some type of interaction a bit deeper and more personal. I find that with some of my current group of friends it is harder to do that for me at some times. As such, I am definitely on the look out for new and different friends and friend groups to find that group of people I connect with consistantly at the deepest of levels. Again, I don't want to underplay your friendship. You have all been awesome, but as a growing and changing individual, I feel myself growing and changing and as such feel that it is time to seek out different groups of people and friends and such. Now, that's not to say that current friends and family will be excluded from being friends now and the future. I just would like to surround myself with individuals that consistantly mesh well with me and I with them. This is what I have written. I seriously deeply crave that it be what will be done in a safe and happy manner with everyone. I will be thinking about and writing up what this new group of friends and others would be to best mesh with me and will talk with each of you individually.
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