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Leave Me Alone before I leave Eka's *EDIT*

Posted by darkflame8 4 months ago


I have had multiple requests from multiple users on how I make the 'vore bellies' on my models and if I can send them.
The short answer is NO.
For those who are unaware of how DAZ works, they are not individual bellies, nor are they vore specific. The bellies are actually morphs that change the shape of the character/mesh. Unlike what can be produced in 3dsmax/Maya/Zbrush, the morphs in DAZ are just that, morphs.
So please stop asking me to send you something that is not an actual item. I had to purchase the product that allows me to change how the models look and by sending invididual models out to people I will be breaking not only the vendors Terms of Service but DAZ's as well.
If you want to learn how to make vore bellies. Then look at things like Source Film Maker or Blender 2.8. But DAZ does not make 'vore bellies'.
Also, I am not about to breach the DAZ EULA by sending my DAZ assets to someone who will put them in a game that I can't control and have nothing to do with.
If people want to know how to make vore art in DAZ or any other render program, then do what I did and learn how to do it yourself or go to the forums and ask someone else. It is not my job to teach people nor is it my job to try and discern other peoples ideas and cryptic messages about me sending them assets.

I'm starting to think it might be an idea to just leave Eka's altogether until people can learn how have some form of respect.
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Posted by More-Vore 4 months ago Report

It's not all that hard to learn how to do that kind of thing in blender anyway. It just takes a lot of effort and practice, and people don't want to do that they just want the final product.

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Posted by Cowrie 4 months ago Report

I've gotten questions about vore bellies and other aspects of my art from people who clearly don't understand how DAZ works, myself. Never had someone ask for a "copy" of anything, but I had one person ask how I "attach" the vore bellies in my art. I've also had to explain to numerous people that what I'm able to make is limited by the products I've bought from vendors and what products exist in general. I've managed to create some pretty out-there stuff with various tricks of combining morphs and overlapping partly-invisible figures, but there's only so much that can be done. I actually had one person (who had no experience of their own with DAZ) try to tell me that the only reason I couldn't make an edit to a model in DAZ was "I needed more practice". They flat-out didn't believe me when I said, no, that's not how the program works. So, basically, I feel for you.

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Posted by EnderDracolich 4 months ago Report

You're one of my favorite artists. I hate to see you go.

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