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The Family Meal

Posted by Westernlonestar 2 weeks ago



It's been a while, but here is another story from the series 'The Dark Tales of Brenda'.

It is, sometimes, best to remember that Brenda doesn't live on another planet or in another country. She may, very well, live just down the street from you. It's not as if you'd notice her unless... she came knocking at YOUR door.

What if she did? What if she invited herself to your home, one day, while you where away on business? What would be waiting to greet you upon your return?

Here is a story that explores just those questions. Brenda has come a-knocking at Sharon's door and you can bet that she ain't out selling bibles. That's all you get. If you want to find out more about this story then you'll just have to read it. I call it 'The Family Meal'.

You should pay extra heed to the following disclaimer. *** Warning *** this story contains Nudity, Sex, Scat, Violence and Rape and a Snuff scene. This is not a cute story for kids or for those with a weak stomach for depravity. That being said, if you still think you are up to reading this type of fiction then I present the PDF version of "The Family Meal".

What? You're still here? Well if that didn't scare you away then 'Click on the link below' to read this story.

If you enjoyed this story, you ought to check out my website called
'Vore Fiction: The Dark Tales of Westernlonestar', where almost all of my latest scribblings are posted. Click on the following link to go there now. https://westernlonestardarktalesofbrenda.wordpress.com/
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