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"Interludes", and their purpose, along with requests and suggestions

Posted by trinart 10 months ago


So, recently, I released the first, interlude, for the Blue Moon series, and, well, I thought I should go into detail about what they are.
They are "chapters" that focus more on the overarching story of the series, and, mostly, won't have any vore in them, mainly because, I can't stick vore into every part of the overarching story. You'll, learn more about characters in them, backstory, events that took place before the series "began". If you care about the overarching plot that is going on, I would advise you read them, if you aren't, well, you can ignore them, but well, you might get confused as things happen in them.

Also, a shout out to all 25 of my watchers, seriously, means a lot to me.

Now, that that part is done, I guess I should talk about requests and suggestions. Check my Commission status page first, so you can see what I will do, what I have trouble with, and what I will NEVER do.
IF, you want me to try to do a request or suggestion, or even write from a prompt, PM me about it.
Try to get them in before Thursday/Friday of each week, mainly because I tend to do my writing and brainstorming during the weekend, and thus, for me to properly brain storm on your request/suggestion, I'll need it before the weekend.
I, have also set up commissions and such, for stories and such, you can, check my commission page if you are interested. (I am more likely to accept an idea if it is offered as a commission first), but offering to commission me doesn't mean I will acceppt.
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