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Commissions are now open! Yeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Posted by Mecho 8 months ago


So, I took a loooooooong break. There has been some really interesting months. I have a ful time job at the local cat shelter so that is really awesome :3
I'm in my respawning kink phase at the moment and I don't know if I would like to share pics of it here. For people who dosen't understand this kink it may look like pure guro or just plain gore. I'm Not into being killed/seeing people getting killed at all. But I do love the thought of going through processes that normaly would kill a person just so that I can respawn/no RL consequenses. Don't know why. But I guess it has something to do with my love for sharp objects and humiliation (Swords, saws, knifes and things like that) I somehow feel I would love to have a sword in me. Or feeling metal blades again the skin, yet. I don't want to die/being in pain. So, respawn! The sad thing is that I have never seen a description of this kink! But it most exist right? I can't be the only one.

But all in all. Sorry, got carried away there ;D
Commissions! Yes! They are cheaper for my fans/followers and they are cheaper if you wish for something less common. Diversity is greatness.
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Posted by Justsomeone 8 months ago Report

Interesting kink. I’m surprised you haven’t combined it with vore. I always assumed that your preds gave each prey a one way trip.


Posted by Mecho 8 months ago Report

No. I haven't combined it with vore :3 Yet.
And in my pics, it's different. Some vore scenarios are a one way trip, and some others are not. Depending on my mood ;)