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Posted by TheDragonBoy 7 months ago


I just finished watching the first season (all that's currently released) of Kipo. It's a Netflix original created by DreamWorks and it is FUCKING GREAT. If you like shows like Avatar, Hilda, Infinity Train or The Owl House, then you totally need to see it. This is top tier Western animation! The characters, the setting, the music- it's all amazing. I can't wait for season two!
I only wish that after all that talking about humans getting eaten, that they would have actually shown someone getting eaten- well I guess they kind did technically but it was like a couple seconds... oh well, maybe next season.

Okay, enough gushing, time to face the inevitable depression of having just finished a great show. Wish me luck.
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Posted by Mortaven 7 months ago Report

-w- Yeee, Liked Kipo's lil evolutions as well, wonder if those'll progress more next season! Series does seem pretty overlooked by folks, dunt it?


Posted by TheDragonBoy 7 months ago Report

She’s gonna go full leopard before the show is done, I’d bet. It does feel really overlooked, probably cause there’s no marketing (well, none that I’ve seen anyway). If I hadn’t seen a random video on YouTube talking about it I wouldn’t have even known it exists.


Posted by ImmortalPrey 7 months ago Report

Kipo is fucking amazing. The character are very likable and the monster designs are incredibly creative.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 7 months ago Report

100%. Not only are the designs great, but just the concepts and the names. "Timber cats"? "Umlaut snakes"? That just screams creativity to me. And it was all done so well.