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Seeking help

Posted by Yang738 1 month ago


Hello. I haven't updated my Gallery for a while.
I was rarely able to draw due to lack of time.

I am searching for someone who'd like to colour my art.

I get asked so often."Is this going to be coloured?"
If you like my Art and you'd really like to see my content in colours, I would be glad if someone of you could help me out with it.

Thank you.

Best regards,
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Posted by Flakhaz 1 month ago Report

Is there a specific style you're looking for?


Posted by Yang738 1 month ago Report

I have no specific style in mind.
I'd let you colour any uncoloured pic you like. Could be simple shaded or soft, just how you like it.
I only want to keep my scribbly outlines, so no "Inking" required