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why so willing to be eaten

Posted by largerarge 1 month ago


a thought has come to me. why do some prey are so willing to be eaten by a pred?

is it because they are come to a part of their lives that are now meaningless?

are they contraled by a parasite that required a warm host body to reproduce (ew)

a goddess/demon/magic user who can return after death, just for the fun of it?

whats your idea?
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Posted by Ryan-Drakel 1 month ago Report

It's the ultimate show of submission, love and desire, to spend the rest of their lives as part of a predator.
For me, it's all a matter of romance and lust.


Posted by GoldenHeart 1 month ago Report

For me anyway it’s more of the first option when it comes to willing prey. That’s how I feel when I’m depressed and think I’m worthless or life is meaningless. It gives me joy to know that I’m not completely worthless and can fill the belly of someone I like or love and make them happy, there’s also the fact I’ll provide sustenance and nutrition for them as I churn away within them.


Posted by Heimko 1 month ago Report

With me, it's useally because reformation is a thing and common, so there's no drawbacks by getting digested since you'd come just right back afterwards. True in those settings, the pred should ask for concent first.
Other scenarios i can think of is stuff such as; Safe vore, love, a sort of fusion or symbiotic thing, ect.
Hypnosis sometimes too.


Posted by mirrormind101 1 month ago Report

Well, I like safe vore. And the idea of being in a soft and safe place is sexy to me.

Plus it would be a way to get real close to your friend/lover :)


Posted by Snorlaxkid 1 month ago Report

I mean, when I roleplay super willing, it's usually a case of my character being easily flustered and/or awkward and eventually some part of their brain is just like "Nah, getting ate is probably the best move."


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 month ago Report

I like the idea of safely being inside and let out of my girl friend as it's some one I trust with my life, and the warmth and comfort all around you is the most relaxing thing imaginable.


Posted by krow 1 month ago Report

maybe they just have a sexual fun for it or somethin?