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Things to look out for - Comics and Animations

Posted by darkflame8 9 months ago


Okay, so all scenes for the first Episode of Feasts of War are complete, just need to do the sound and music. Should be up before the end of the month.

Second thing is that I will be making more comics in the near furture, now these will be for sale only and all of them are going to be much larger than the normal comics I sell.

A Mother's Predatory Instinct - 40 pages
Freecia has discovered that her darling daughter Rose is lost in one of the harshest jungles in the Fractured Realm, with only Davian for company. Unable to think of a worse scenario for her adorable and very precious 'little girl' Freecia sets off to rescue her from the monsters that lurk in the shadows, even if that means she has to devour everything that stands between her and her daughter. Though not all monsters are strangers and as Davian and Rose traverse the depths of the Fractured Realm they quickly discover that there are some secrets that are best left where they lay.

O'vore'protective Predator - 40 Pages
There are fours kinds of people, those that have Protection Permits that prevent them from being devoured. Predator Permits that allow people to devour those that don't have Protection Permits, people that don't have protection permits that can be legally devoured and finally there's Athena, the woman charged with eating everyone without a permit and those with permits the break the rules. Well, woman is not quite accurate, giantess is definitely more correct. Now Athena's life is pretty cushy and luxurious, her job requires her to devour anyone that either doesn't have a permit or breaks the law, there's just one tiny problem. Her daughter doesn't have Protection Permit yet, so it's up to the powerful and very protective Athena to make sure her daughter makes it through each day. Hard to do when Athena is 200ft tall and her daughter is just a regular human.

Predator Prison Welcomes You - 40 Pages
In the distant future, humanity has split its evolution, with this split came the birth of the predators a race of large and powerful women with a desire to devour their less voracious human counterparts. As more and more planets were populated by both species it became apparent that dealing with human criminals in regular prisons would soon become too much of a hassle. So some clever predator came up with an ingenious solution, a prison where Predators can freely eat humans as punishment or for the prisoner to reform after a day. In one such prison, a new arrival discovers just how much of a hell these prisons are, especially as the Chief Warden is none other than her very large, very voracious and very protective Predator step mother.

Due to the size and complexity I will likely be charging $15 for each of these.

Third is the other animations.
Demolishing Dev - is currently mapped out, whith half the scenes set up.
Welcome to Predator Prison - a small animation featuring some of the characters for the upcoming comic- is currently in planning stage
A Stroll through Consumption City - A small animation featuring Athena and several other characters from O'vore'protective Predator - three scenes completed one shot rendered.
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Posted by Xinoz2 9 months ago Report

This is awesome, still waiting for the continuation of "Carrie's Delight" though.

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