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End of the week update, and new commission format

Posted by willudie 1 year ago


End of week 1 of the new work format! Honestly doing good. I think I'm gonna do these sort of end of the week updates to keep people generally appraised of where I'm at, workload wise, so people can know what to expect.

So, first matter, Commissions are no longer handled by slots like I used to! Instead, they are just, generally open and in a queue format now. This means, I basically will work in the order I receive them, but will also be organizing that in order to make sure everything gets handled in a timeley manner. This also means, if you want something, let me know! YCHs will be paid up front, and also have a quicker turn around priority as such. For standard commissions, provide all info as usual, and I will inform you of the first day I'll be free to get a sketch done for it. I will not require payment until AFTER the sketch is done.

So if there's something you'd like done, but are waiting to tell me because you cant pay until a specific point, tell me anyway! I have a real schedule now, I'm actually planning things out to each day, down to what stage of what commissions I'll have finished. This means I can make sure I schedule work on your commission based around your own ability to pay as well, since I've had that come up a number of times.

And now, to give people an idea of what exactly my workload looks like, so they can understand better when I get thru things. As a note, i now take weekends off, but work on these commissions full time Monday thru Friday, for 8+ hours each day.

Current outstanding commissions paid: 1
Current commissions awaiting sketch: 5
Current outstanding YCHs: 2

Estimated soonest turnaround on any new commissions: Wednesday

And thats it! I want to thank you all for supporting me thru that rough mental time I was going thru, and being here still when I finally came out of it, because I really do feel a lot better now, and I'm glad to know people are still willing to do business with me, even with how bad it got. It really does mean a lot to receive that kind of patience, and from now on, I hope nobody needs to be so patient with me again!
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Posted by hamilton4 1 year ago Report

Again really good to hear you're back in a good spot! Looking forward to more of your great work~ Hope to get on the commission list when I'm able to as well.


Posted by Dooot 1 year ago Report

That's great to hear. Where are your commission prices?


Posted by willudie 1 year ago Report

The detailed info can be found on my commissions tab, here