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Smexy things are coming u way!

Posted by Mecho 7 months ago


As you guys might know i'm rather strict when it comes to vore preferences and it has been hard for me to go outside my "Female prey, robot preds only" thingy.
But even stuff you really like can get repetitive after a while even for a very repetitive person *Ahen. Me*

But things have happen! Suddenly i'm very into male preys for some reason? Like very into them! o___o So just a heads up for my fellow M/M fans. There will be much more male on male action here. And I will start doing more sexual stuff. That means more genitalia and maybe some smex to. It will also be more fleshy preds. To all of you cuddly non sexual fem prey, robot pred only lovers. Don't worry. I won't change. Just add more variaty to the gallery :3 And variations as you know is a good thing. I have some ideas to do vore outside my preferences just for fun. Maybe more common things like dragons and such. (Dragons are really cool) But it CAN'T be things that feels "uncomfortable" tho, and fem preds are a thing that it's really hard for me to even considering. I'm to much of a male person only. So don't expect to much from me ;D
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Posted by GigiFabulous 7 months ago Report

This has me very excited. I'm in a Discord that's focused on Male Prey, so if you want to join and see, you can PM me and I'll send you the invite <3


Posted by Mecho 7 months ago Report

Thank you so much <3 I'm pretty new on Discord and need to learn how the technical stuff works. But yes plz. You can absolute invite me. That would be great :3


Posted by MzArsenic 7 months ago Report

Ayy I can't wait to see what you come up with! Your stuff is always great


Posted by Mecho 7 months ago Report

Thank you for those uber kind words o3o Makes me happy!


Posted by Sexywiggle423 7 months ago Report

How exciting!