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I never want to talk about my problems.

Posted by RemnArtX 2 years ago


But recently some tough crap has been happening, from reasonable to straight up dangerous.

Firstly, College. College has been draining me recently, and it's okay, I'm learning and working on stuff on the career, it's actually interesting and I like it pretty much, it just gets tedious when you keep getting projects and excessive homework, but that's honestly the least reason to write this, all I'm saying is that College is slowing me down on Commissions, and I hope you all understand, thank you.

I've been considering on making a Patreon, but my anxiety and lack of confidence makes me doubt if it's gonna be a good idea, I'm not paywalling anything or something, but I'm struggling to find a way to keep things equal and fair for everyone, it has come to this because commissions have been actually helping me out alot, I got to pay a ton of things in my home, gear, sometimes even college itself. But I really want to keep my passion to draw going and avoid getting it stale and see it like a job to withstand life and such, a year where the 90% of my drawings were commissions, don't get me wrong, I love your ideas guys! But I've also been wanting to draw some things for myself, my characters, concepts, etc. I just want you to understand why I want or need to make a patreon, I'll do my best to keep everything equal and still give some rewards to those who are willing to support me, thanks everyone.

Friendships, when it comes to friends or most likely, friend groups, people come and go, and they are free to do so, but you can't never avoid that one friend in your group that backstabs everyone for nothing, no sympathy, no rational thought of their consequences, just threw everything to the trash can, the reason? Hell if I know, not even they know. I know it's very stupid to throw shades at someone in a rant but that person really has done damage to me and others, even though I wasn't their focus and if I was, I would've care way less, but they messed with my friends really hard, and I'll spite anyone who does that. If you, the person I'm talking about is reading this, stop watching my content, I know you are, you don't deserve love, art, friends, nothing. You deserve ending up alone so the only person you can hurt is yourself. Human misery, attacks when you least expect it.

Talking about, in no less than a week, my family has been affected by 2 robberies, the first, in the workplace of friends and uncles/aunts, armed robbery, beatings and death threats, they took money but nobody needed medical assistance, thank god.
And 2 days later turns out someone breaks into my house and steals a wallet with credit cards and IDs, our lives could've ended there but thankfully none of us were harmed, I'm not giving more details since anyone can read this and blah blah.

Thing is this year has been really rough on me and I feel I had to let you guys know, as I've been drastically slowed down, but I'm not going, I'm doing my best to stay on foot and I'll do everything to chin up the upcoming months, I've just had to talk about this for a bit because at some point, even the toughest stone cracks.

I appreciate you took the time to read, see you next drawing.
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Posted by WobblyWolfess 2 years ago Report

Hey man, I know it's not much but I was literally in the same boat as you with the robbery situation, so I totally understand. I'm so sorry some asshole decided to pull this shit to you, sorry it happened twice :c


Posted by GladiatusTheSaldrak 2 years ago Report

I’m sorry you had to deal with that... being backstabbed is honestly one of the worst feelings ever and I had to deal with the same thing... multiple times....


Posted by PervyLesbian02 2 years ago Report

Jesus fuckin' christ...that... wow. Hey, whatever happens, your life and the stuff happening in it is always more important than giving us more cool art. Whatever you gotta take care of, take care of it first- obvious, I know, but still- don't feel like you have a contractual obligation to keep cranking out art here nonstop.


Posted by ABrinson27 2 years ago Report

I been down the road of betrayal and currently on the road of college stress. But I pray to god for you that things will get better for you and your family.


Posted by golly88 2 years ago Report

I'm sorry that we are too far away to give you much comfort. It's true that people can be disgusting but good relationships can be a blessing. I can only wish you good luck and share my condolences for this matter.
So please, take good care of yourself and focus on your solving and dealing with your problems where it is possible. If for now other people can't treat you better, it's up to you now to keep yourself in a good and healthy state.


Posted by Badfurson 2 years ago Report

I don’t know that I have anything I can say that could help, so I’ll just hope that things get better for you.


Posted by Sansshrew 2 years ago Report

Hopefully things will start to get better for you soon.


Posted by trinart 2 years ago Report

alright here is what I have to say.

1.College being a drain is completely understandable as well as slowing you down, everyone has a life, and it should always come first

2. I'd be happy to support you on Patreon, rewards or not. I understand wanting to draw stuff for yourself, it can get tiring doing pieces for others and not getting time to do what you want to do.

3. I, understand that feeling, got backstabbed in a, real severe manner myself recently by someone I considered a friend for around 3 years. Really, messed me up because I was the target of the whole, thing that went down.

4. I, am so sorry that you've had to deal with your family being robbed. I have no clue to how horrific that must have been to go through.

That, should cover everything.
Thanks for the blog RemnArtX, and also for all the art you've made, I really appreciate all the work you've put into it.