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My discord server and other things.

Posted by trinart 8 months ago


Sorry for, not posting any new stories recently, been, going through a lot in real life. Someone I thought was a friend, brought back some, rather traumatic memories in an attempt to manipulate me to, financially assist them, and well, I've had to deal with a flood tide of emotions, tied to something I thought I had finally gotten over.

I've been working on a discord server recently and it is now ready for 'public' access. You will find the link below, please remember to read the rules of the server. (the link is set to stop working 24 hours from the time this is posted)

I am working on a few stories right now, a few for the Blue Moon series, and few outside of it, but, well, the emotional tide caused, a big writers block for a while, but I am getting back into writing (Thanks to some help from a great friend of mine).
I, am also heading back to university so, that is going to slow the flow of stories for a while, but I won't stop writing anytime soon.
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