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Free SketchPack Friday previous Results and new Entrees

Posted by GokaiVore 1 year ago


congratulations to this weeks winner  fyr3 I will be pming you the code shortly.

This is going to be a regular thing, so if you DIDNT enter last week or the week before, comment below, if you already entered on a previous free sketchpack raffle you are automatically entered for all free sketchpack friday raffles until you win one.

Every Friday I will raffle off one $5 code for my store just like I just did though There are a few more rules this time.

1- One sketchpack code per person per year. I will be keeping track of who wins, and I want to make this as fair as possible.

2- To make it easier for everyone involved you only have to reply to one of the raffles blogs to enter, I will be saving the list of entered people so I can more eaisly do the raffle every time. So in other words if You entered the raffle I just concluded you are already entered for next week

3-You will have till the following Friday to enter if you have not already.

4-Must be from an account that has been active for more then a week

5-No duplicate/dummy accounts

If you did not enter the last raffle and would like to enter free sketchpack friday raffle please comment below.
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Posted by blarfelarfedarf 1 year ago Report

Ooh, I would like to enter!


Posted by Cookinglord 1 year ago Report

I gotta admit, this is a great idea. I would like to participate for the next raffle


Posted by Raven5689 1 year ago Report

John Keller


Posted by dinos2009 1 year ago Report

I would also like to enter please.


Posted by golly88 1 year ago Report

What a great opportunity.I'd like to participate


Posted by necidime 1 year ago Report

Getting free stuff is always positive. I'm in for the raffle