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New week new blog

Posted by willudie 1 year ago


Missed the end of the week update last week, cause i was messed up with a head cold (nothing major, just have bad migraines on occasion), but hoorah! Its the new week.

As it stands, my current workload is
3 commission sketched but waiting approval
1 that needs to be sketched
2 that are approved but need to be finished.

Current soonest working day of any new requests is likely Wednesday or Thursday.
Im also working on some side projects, which I hope people enjoy when they see the light of day eventually.

I also started using twitter! Nothing major, nothing people here on eka's won't already see, but I'm trying to "extend my reach" so I want to make better use of the tools out there.
You can find it here

Thats about it for now. I might try to come up with a new YCH pose. They've all been mini giantess so far (i have a preference, I'll admit XD) But I think I might make a giantess/shrunken person one next
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