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Posted by Ursa 2 months ago


i can't find any content around eka's that would suit my needs
time to draw my own once again.
it is never enough.
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Posted by curiousss 2 months ago Report

I hear that. :T I started my own comic Marbles because of the lack of Object Vore.


Posted by Ursa 2 months ago Report

oh wow, I was looking for stuff like this actually. thank you very much for sharing this!


Posted by PoLiDaR 2 months ago Report

So we won't get any new art?


Posted by Ursa 2 months ago Report

of course not, why should we?


Posted by dragonslavegirl 2 months ago Report

I so know the feeling


Posted by Suneater 2 weeks ago Report

Oh boy, I hear that
Sometimes I look for pretty specific stuff but I can never find it or new stuff of it. I’d be easier to draw it but it’s like one of those with your brain/motivation telling you